Hydrological and Sedimentological Study

Hydrology is the study of the distribution, conservation and use of the water and its atmosphere, particularly at the land surface. Our highly experienced hydrologists and engineers will provide detailed hydrological assessments, flood risk management, and design and analysis of drainage system, etc. The major tasks conducted during the study are site investigations (such as discharge measurement, determination of soil type and landuse pattern), analysis of hydrological and meteorological data, catchment delineation, etc.

The key task conducted under hydrology study by SHEPL includes:

  • Catchment Analysis/ catchment delineation
  • Rainfall Analysis
  • Catchment Flows/ Runoff Assessment
  • Flood Risk Assessment
  • Drainage Impact Assessment
  • Implementation of hydrological model

Sedimentological study includes the process of establishing the quantity and quality of suspended sediments and bed load that the river is likely to carry at the proposed site of run-of-river projects.

The key task conducted under sediment study by SHEPL includes:

  • Suspended load sampling
  • Estimation of sediment loads
  • Suspended sediment concentration analysis
  • Laboratory analyses of the samples for obtaining sediment concentration, Particle Size Distribution and mineral contents
Recent News
recentImage Contract Agreement with Machhapuchchhrre Bank Limited and Vision Energy and Power Pvt. Ltd. For Due Diligence Study
Sanima Hydro and Engineering (P.) Ltd signed a contract agreement with Machhapuchchhrre Bank Limited and Vision Energy and Power Pvt. Ltd. to conduct Due Diligence Study of Nupche Likhu Hydropower Project (57.5 MW) on 28th August 2018.┬áThe project is located Ramechhap district of Nepal. It has been planned as a run-of-the-river (RoR) type… Read More »
National Projects

Likhu-A Hydroelectric Project
Capacity: 29 MW
Status: Completed
International Projects
nationalMicro Hydropowers in Ethiopia (MHPs)
Capacity: N/A
Status: Ongoing
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