• 1 Tamor River
  • 2 Bridge,Sunkoshi
  • 3 Machine Hall,Sunkoshi
  • 4 Power House,Sunkoshi
  • 5 Wyee
  • 6 Settling Basin,Sunkoshi
  • 7 Mai Khola
  • 8 River Crossing Causeway to Pheme Khola
  • 9 Headwork area,Sunkoshi
  • 10 GRP Laying,Sunkoshi

Chairman's Voice
"Sanima Hydro & Engineering(P).Ltd is one of the leading Hydropower Company in Nepal by any standard"


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Sanima Hydro and Engineering Private Limited
In 1999, a group of Non-Resident Nepalese (NRN's) came together with a vision to promote the Nepalese hydropower sector with private investments. They began by establishing Sanima Hydropower (P). Ltd.  This company designed and built the 2.5 MW Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Project in 2005. Since its commissioning the Sunkoshi powerplant has been supplying electricity to the national grid under a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).  The Sunkoshi construction management experience led to the establishment of an engineering wing within the Sanima group.  It was realized that this would retain the experienced human resources involved in the Sunkoshi Project and also provide engineering services in the hydropower sector to other developers.   Thus Sanima Hydro and Engineering (P.) Ltd. was born in 2005.

Sanima Hydro and Engineering provides full range of engineering, planning and environmental consulting services in hydropower and infrastructure development sectors. Our services include:

  • 1.   Scheme Development Studies / Conceptual Layout
  • 2.   Topographical Survey and Mapping
  • 3.   Pre-Feasibility Studies
  • 4.   Detailed Feasibility Studies and Detailed Engineering Design
  • 5.   Hydrology, Hydraulic and Structural Design
  • 6.   Surface Geological Mapping
  • 7.   Economic Analysis
  • 8.   Project planning, Scheduling and Monitoring
  • 9.   Scoping and Environmental Studies
  • 10. Environment Impact Assessment and Management Plan
  • 11. Due Dilligence for Financial Institutions and others
  • 12. Preparation of Contract Packages and Tender Documents
  • 13. Construction, Supervision and Monitoring

Our Mission Statement
To provide high quality, efficient consulting services to hydropower and infrastructure developers that allow them to take their projects from initial conception to successful completion.

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