Environment Studies

Government of Nepal (GoN) has ensured integration of Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) as a part of project development through enforcement of Environment Protection Act, 1997 AD/2053 BS (EPA) and Environment Protection Rules, 1997 AD/2054 BS (EPR). According to EPA 1997, EPR 1997; Operation of electricity generation projects with a capacity of more than 50 MW or requiring more than five hector of government forestland or lying within the area designated as protected, requires EIA.

SHEPL considers EIA as one of the important components for project development – not only as statuary requirement but also as a bridge between the project and local physical, biological and social-economic environment. EIA is conducted in conjunction with the feasibility study of any projects. From various projects, SHEPL experienced that EIA helps to identify potential environmental issues in advance that help in timely completion of the project and within the specified budget.

Recent News
recentImage Tripartite Contract Agreement between Union Mewa Hydro Ltd., Sanima Hydro and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. And Laxmi Sunrise Bank Ltd.
Sanima Hydro and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Has signed a contract agreement with Union Mewa Hydro Ltd. And Laxmi Sunrise Bank Ltd. For Construction Progress Monitoring and Bill Verification Works of Mewa Khola Hydropower Project (23 MW).  Mewa Khola Hydropower Project (23 MW)is a Run of River (RoR) project located in Papung Village Development… Read More »
National Projects

Mewa Khola Hydropower Project
Capacity: 23 MW
Status: Ongoing
International Projects
nationalUpper Suri Khola Hydropower Project (7 MW)
Capacity: 7MW
Status: Completed
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