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Project Title: Upper Puwa I HP

  • Task: Due Diligence study of Upper Puwa I Small Hydropower Project

  • Capacity: 3MW

  • Status: completed

Salient features as per PPA:
Project location
Development Region: Eastern
Zone: Mechi
District: Ilam
Intake site: Shanti Danda/ Barbote VDCs
Powerhouse site: Barbote VDC
Geographical coordinates:
Latitude: 270 17′ 13″ N to 270 19′ 27″ N
Longitude: 860 42′ 55″ E to 860 46′ 05″ E
Name of River: Puwa Khola
Nearest town: Ilam Bazaar
Type of scheme: Run-of-River
Gross head: 125 m
Net Rated head: 116.91 m
Installed capacity: 4000 kW
Average annual energy after outage: 23.112 GWh
Catchment Area: 94 km2
Mean Annual discharge: 7.544 m3/s
Design discharge (40% PoE) 4.46 m3/s
Riparian release: 0.108 m3/s
Design flood discharge: 588 m3/s (100 years flood)
Average Annual Precipitation: 1632 mm
Diversion Weir
Weir Type: Concrete Weir
Length: 43.0 m
Weir Crest Level: EL 942 m
Maximum Weir height: 6.0 m above foundation to crest
Intake Structure: Side intake
Openings: 3.00 m x 1.00 m, 2 nos.
Desanding Basin
Type: Surface, Rectangular
Length: 50 m
Size (WxD): 4.60 m x 3.60 m
Nos of Bays: 2
Particle size to be removed: <0.2 mm
Headrace Canal
Type: Free Flow, Rectangular RCC
Length: 3100 m
Size: 2.25 m X 1.7 m
Type: RCC, Rectangular, Surface
Capacity of Forebay: 837 m3
Surface Area: 60 m (L) x 30 m (W)
Normal Water Level: EL. 938 m
Steel Penstock Pipe
Type: MS welded Pipe
Internal diameter: 1.3 m
Length: 360 m (before bifurcation)
Max Steel Thickness: 10 mm
Nos of Anchor Blocks: 9
Type: Surface
Size: 28.50 m x 1.7 m
Water Level at Draft Tube: EL. 817 m
Type: RCC box and open
Length: 29 m
Dimension: 3.0 m (W) x 1.7 m (H)
Type: Horizontal Axis, Francis
Number: Two (2)
Rated output capacity per unit: 2,100 kW
Efficiency: 90%
Type: Electronic with PID Control
Adjustment for speed Droop: Between 0 to 5%
Type: Synchronous 3 phase
Rated output capacity per unit: 2,352 kVA
Power factor: 0.85
Voltage: 6.3 kV
Frequency: 50 Hz
No. of units: Two (2)
Excitation system: Brushless
Efficiency: 96%
Type: Three phase, ONAN
Nos of Unit: 2 (Two)
Rated capacity: 2,500 kVA
Vector Group: YND 11
Voltage ratio: 33/6.3 kV
Efficiency: 99%
Transmission Line
Voltage level: 33 kV
Length: 4 km
Conductor: ACSR “DOG”
From: Powerhouse
To: NEA, Godak Sub-Station
Project Cost Estimate
Total cost of the project: NPR 613,868,000.00
Construction Period: 24 months
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