Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Document Preparation

Project Title: Upper Mai HP

  • Task: Feasibiliy study & Detailed Design of Headworks

  • Capacity: 10 MW

  • Status: Completed

  • Salient features (Mai Headworks arrangements- (as per Design Basis Report, 2009)):
    Location: Maimajhwa and Mabu VDC, Ilam District, Eastern Development Region of Nepal
    Average Flow 3.63 m3/s
    Design Flow 3.45 m3/s
    Design Flood 255 m3/s. (100 Years Flood)
    Diversion Weir :
    Type Concrete gravity dam
    Slope Rectangle with vertical drop
    Crest Elevation 1628 msl.
    Crest Length 12m
    Maximum Flood Level 1632.50 msl.
    Under Sluice with Radial Gate :
    Invert level 1624.00 msl.
    Size 2 m X 1.5 m
    Length 11.50 m
    Max. Discharge 100 years of Flood.
    Intake :
    Type Rectangle orifice, Semi-Frontal
    No of Orifice 3 nos.
    Size 1.5 m wide X 2 m high with 2 center piers.
    Sill Elevation 1626.00 msl.
    Design Discharge 3.45 m3/s. (During normal Flow condition)
    Gravel Trap and Spillway :
    Type Single chamber Hopper type.
    Bed Slope Drop in 1: 1 Slop after 3.4m flat length.
    Size 6.15 m long X 4 m wide X 5.50 m average height.
    Normal Water Level 1627.82 msl
    Maximum Water Level 1631.92 msl
    Top wall Level 1630.50 msl
    Gravel Flushing :
    Size of opening 1.5 m wide X 0.5 m hight.
                 Size of Flushing Gate 600 mm X 600 mm
                 No. of opening Single
    Max. Size of Particles to be Flush out 500 mm as per hydro lab report.
    Trash Canal :
                 Length of Trash canal 5.5 m
                 Size of Flap Gate opening 2.0 m wide X 2.0 m high.
    Headrace Canal :
                 Type Rectangle, closed canal.
                 Slope 1 : 500
                 Trace Rack Fine Trash rack
                 Size of canal gate 2.1 m wide X 2.0 m high.
                 Normal water Level 1627.80 msl.
                 Maximum opening of gate 2.0 m
                 Maximum Discharge 5 m3/s.
    Settling Basin :
                 No. of chambers 4 Nos.
                 Size (Parallel Section) 30 m long X 4.0 m wide X   4.12 m Avg. height.
                 Length of transition zone 22.50 m
                 Length of settling zone 30.00 m
                 Normal Water level 1627.60 msl.
                 Slope at settling zone 1 : 50 (V : H)
                 Nos. of flushing gate 4 nos.
                 Size of Flushing Gate

    Max. length of flushing canal

    1.0   m wide X 1.0 m high.

    26.75 m

    Slope of Flushing Canal 1 : 70
    Forebay and spillway :

    Spillway crest level

    1627.65 msl.
               Length of crest level

    Spillway canal size

    12.80 m

    1.5 m wide X 15.75 m length X 1.2m Avg. high.

               Design Discharge 3.14 m3/s.
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