Key Personnel & Resources

Mr. Tuk Prasad Paudel (Executive Chairman)



  • M.Sc. in Hydropower Development, (1998-2000), Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway
  • M.Sc. Civil Engineering with honors (Specialization in Hydraulics), (1986-1992), People’s Friendship University, Moscow

Hydropower Development, Structural Design, Hydraulics and Financial Analysis

Mr. Tuk Prasad Paudel is a Hydropower Engineer, with 28 years of experience in Hydropower Projects’ study, planning,   project management and its development. He has worked in Nepal, Russia, Norway, Liberia and Afghanistan. He was the Chief Executive officer of Sanima Mai Hydropower Ltd for the period of 6 years. During this tenure, he was involved in overall of development and coordination of 22 MW Mai Hydropower Project and 7 MW Mai Cascade Hydropower Project in Nepal. He has also worked as managing /project director, senior hydropower engineer, project manager, project coordinator etc for various other projects were he coordinated with client in aspects of design, administration and environment progress of assignment. At present the projects are under construction.


Mr. Ajoy Karki (Director)



  • Master of Science degree in Hydraulic Engineering, (2000), UNESCO- IHE, The Netherlands
  • Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering, (1990), The University of Iowa, USA
  • Bachelor of Arts (Cum Laude) degree in Physics, (1990), Coe College, Iowa, USA

Hydropower Development, Energy, Water Resources Engineering and Project Management

Mr. Ajoy Karki is a water resources engineer with over 30 years of experience in management, design and studies of hydropower, rural electrification and renewable energy projects.  Ajoy Karki has been part of multi-disciplinary teams (including team leader) that have been involved in studies, design and evaluation of water resources projects (ESP: hydropower) and sector studies in Nepal and internationally.  His international experience covers 14 countries in Aisa and Africa.  He has provided consulting services as hydropower expert for Asian Development Bank, KfW (German Bank for Reconstruction), UN agencies, World Bank, International Finance Corporation (IFC) and United States Assistance for International Development (USAID) projects.  He is the Director of Sanima Hydro and Engineering (P.) Ltd. and is responsible for the overall management of the company.


Dr. Subarna Das Shrestha (Advisor)



  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D.), in Technical Sciences (Hydro-technical and Land Reclamation Construction); 1998, State Supreme Certifying Committee of Russian Federation, Moscow
  • M. Sc. (Hydraulic structures and hydroelectric power plant), 1991, Moscow Institute of Hydro-technical Engineering and Land Reclamation, Russia

Hydropower and Transmission Line Development, Environmental Studies

Dr. Shrestha, was awarded Doctor of Philosophy in Technical Sciences (Hydro-technical and Land Reclamation Construction) and M.Sc degree in Hydraulic structures and hydroelectric power plant from Moscow, Russia. He has 29 years of experience in hydropower development sector including financing, environmental and legal aspects. He has been involved in Sanima Hydropower (P.) Ltd. since its establishment in 1999. He is one of the key personnel in Sanima Hydro team. Currently, he holds the position of Chief Executive Officer for Sanima Mai Hydropower Ltd. This company owns Mai Hydropower Project (22 MW) and Mai Cascade Hydropower Project (7 MW).

Besides Sanima, Dr. Shrestha is also actively involved in proliferating hydro energy sector in Nepal. He is the Immediate Past President in Independent Power Producers’ Association Nepal (IPPAN). During his regime, IPPAN successfully conducted Power Summit in the year 2013. He actively participated in policy reforms as well as lobbying for private sector friendly policies, regulations and their prompt and effective implementation. He is also a member of electricity tariff fixation committee, Government of Nepal and EIA review committee at Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment, Government of Nepal. Being a responsible hydropower developer, he has a long vision of establishing quality services for personnel involved in the project, with benefits for the local community.


Dr. Jugal Bhurtel, (Advisor)



  • Ph.D. (Environmental Engineering), Yamaguchi University, Ube, Japan April 1998 – May 2001.
  • Master of Engineering (Environmental Engineering), Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok, Thailand January 1996 – August 1997.
  • Master of Engineering, (Civil Engineering with Honors), Moscow State University of Civil Engineering, Moscow, Russia Sep. 1988-June 1994.
  • Watson International Scholar of the Environment, International Post-Graduate Curriculum on Integrated Ecosystem Management January 2002 – April 2002, Brown University, USA


Environmental Studies

Dr. Jugal Bhurtel is an Environmental Expert with an experience of over 20 years. He has led many projects as Environment Team Leader.  He is the CEO of Sanima Middle Tamor Hydropower Limited, which has been developing Middle Tamor Hydropower Project (73 MW). He is also associated with Sanima Hydro and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. as an Expert Environmental Consultant.


Dr. Hari Shanker Shrestha (Expert Consultant)



  • Doctor of Philosophy  (PhD)  in Sedimentation and Sediment Handling in Himalayan Reservoirs, 2008-2012, University of Science and Technology(NTNU), Trondheim, Norway
  • M.Sc. in Hydropower Development, 1999 –2001,Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway
  • M.Sc. Civil Engineering with honours (Specialization in Hydraulics),1986-1992, People’s Friendship University, Moscow

Hydropower Development, Hydraulics and Sedimentation

Dr. Shrestha is a hydropower expert with 28 years in studies, planning and development of hydro projects. He has been involved as design team leader and technical adviser in Khimti (60 MW), Sunkoshi small hydropower project (2.5 MW), Khudi (4 MW) and Pheme small hydropower projects (1 MW) which are all in operation currently. He has also been involved in detailed engineering design, feasibility study, management of the team, correspondence, project layout, headworks layout, hydraulic design, structural analysis and quality control of different hydropower projects within Sanima and other companies.  He has been involved in hydraulic design, physical hydraulic modeling, headworks design for water diversion structures and sediment exclusion, intensive research on sediment measurement and cost effective sediment handling of various projects as a team leader. He is currently working as a expert consultant to Sanima Hydro and Engineering (P) Ltd.


Mr. Subas Chandra Sunwar (Expert Consultant)



  • M.Sc. in Engineering Geology, 1999 – 2000,University of Leeds, UK
  • M.Sc. in Geology, 1991 – 1992, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Geology and Geotechnical Design

During 27 years of experience mainly from Nepal he has gained experience in site investigation planning and data acquisition for hydropower project, geological mapping and identification of faults and weak/shear zones, evaluation of rock mass and rock support design, prediction and rock support design in squeezing ground in numerous hydropower sectors.  He was responsible for overall study of landslide and erosion prone areas, estimation of erosion rate and sediment, investigation of quartz source, watershed management, site visit and report writing. He has published 12 papers in National and International journals and is working with Sanima Hydro and Engineering (P.) Ltd as an expert consultant.


Mr. Binod Chapagain; Sr. Technical Advisor, Engineering Geologist


  • M.Sc. Geological Engineering, International Institute for Aerospace Survey and Earth Sciences (ITC), Netherlands 2001
  • M.Sc. Geology and Exploration of Mineral Deposits, Russian Peoples’ Friendship University, Moscow, Russia 1993


Hydropower, Tunnels, Cavern, Slopes, Railway Routes, Transmission Lines, Road, Buildings and Mining

Mr. Binod Chapagain is an Engineering Geologist with an experience of over 26 years in planning, designing, coordinating, implementing geological and geotechnical investigation and design of various projects like Hydropower, Tunnels, Cavern, Slopes, Railway Routes, Transmission Lines, Road, Buildings and Mining. He gained experience by working in more than 20 countries i.e. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Tanzania, Pakistan, Colombia, Azerbaijan, Kenya, Malaysia, Mauritania, Nepal, Netherlands, Rep. of Guinea, Russia, Spain, Sudan, Sweden, Tajikistan, Uganda, UK, Zambia. Currently, he is associated with Sanima Hydro and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. as a Senior Technical Advisor.



Mr. Bhoj Raj Poudel (Construction Planner/ General Manager)



  • Master of Science in Hydropower Development, 2008-2010, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), Trondheim, Norway
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering, 2003, Institute of Engineering, Kathmandu, Nepal

Hydrologist and Construction Engineer

Mr. Bhoj Raj Poudel has 29 years of work experience in the field of hydro-engineering in Nepal and Saudi Arabia. He worked as Resident Engineer for Mai Hydropower Project 22 MW and Mai cascade Hydropower project 7 MW and was responsible for overall construction supervision of the project. He has also worked as senior civil engineer, and design engineer, where he was involved in hydropower planning and development, hydrological analysis for numerous hydro projects and software developments, flood management, pre-feasibility, feasibility and detailed design studies, designing hydraulic structures, surveying and physical hydraulic model studies. Mr, Poudel is associated with Swet Ganga Hydropower & Construction Ltd. as General Manager.


 Mr. Grishma Ojha (Electromechanical Expert/ General Manager)



  • ME Electrical Power Engineering, Kathmandu University/Norwegian University of Science, and Technology, 2012
  • BE Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Kathmandu University, 2004

Specialization:                                                                                                                                                                                           Electromechanical Engineering

Mr. Ojha is an Electrical Engineer and has about 15 years of experience in the field of hydropower engineering. He had initially worked in Sanima Hydro and Engineering Pvt. Ltd from 2010 to 2014 as Sr. Electrical Engineer for Mai Hydropower Project (22 MW). Then he worked in MOTT MACDONALD Ltd. as Senior Electrical Engineer from  2016 to  2019 in various Projects such as; Due Diligence of 89MW Bambuna II and 54MW Yiben hydroelectric project, Sierra, Leone, Feasibility Study of Ngonye Falls Hydropower Project 189MW project involving four Bulb turbines each with 47.5MW capacity, Zambia, Supervising installation and commissioning works of Shuakhevi Hydropower Project 180MW, Georgia, Project Operation of San Andreas Hydropower Project (40 MW), Chille, Feasibility Study of Khoromkheti Hydropower Project (57.5 MW), Georgia, Due Diligence of Nachtigal Hydropower Project (420MW), Cameroon, Pre-Feasibility review of Muchinga Hydropower Project (190 MW), Zambia

Currently, Mr. Ojha is  Consultant in Sanima Hydro and Engineering Pvt. Ltd. as Electromechanical Expert as well as he is associated with Sanima Mai Hydopower Ltd. as General Manager.


 Mr. Kangada Prasai (Geological Expert/ General Manager)



  • M. Sc. in Geology, 2005, (Specialization in Engineering Geological Techniques), Central Department of Geology, Tribhuvan University, Nepal
  • B. Sc. in Geology, 2003, (Geology, Physics and Maths), Tri-Chandra College, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Engineering Geologist

Mr. Kangada Prasai has an experience of about 15 years. During his professional working period, he was proposed in position like senior engineering geologist, engineering geologist, trainee engineering geologist etc. where he was responsible for all activities related with geological, engineering geological, geotechnical and subsurface geological decision making, detailed designing, report preparation as well as construction design modification and construction supervision. Mr, Prasai is associated with Mathillo Mailung Khola Jalvidhyut Aayojana Ltd. as General Manager.



Mr. Maheswor Maharjan (Civil Engineer/ Asst. Manager)



  • M. Sc. in Construction Management, (Enrolled from 2014), Nepal Engineering College, Pokhara University.
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering, 2002, Institute of Engineering, Kathmandu, Nepal

Highway Engineer(Civil Engineer)

Mr. Maheshor Maharjan has an experience of 18 years in Nepal and Qatar.  During his professional period, he was responsible for design and detailed civil/reinforcement drawing of projects, rate analysis and quantities- cost estimation of several projects, preparation of proposal, project coordination, feasibility study etc.  He has worked in optimization of detail design of headworks structure and involved in preparation of design basis report, quantity estimation with and construction drawing preparation. He was also involved in survey of building construction, management and handling labour, cost, construction material, and coordination with sub-contractors and vendors in Doha, Qatar.


Mr. Sakunda Ojha (Senior Environment Officer/General Manager)



  • EMBA, Ace institute of Management, Pokhara University, Kathmandu, Nepal
  • M.Sc. Environmental Science, 2008, College of Applied Sciences – Nepal,Tribhuvan University, Nepal
  • B.Sc. Environmental Science, 2006, Tri-Chandra Campus, Tribhuvan University, Nepal

Environment and Social Studies

Mr. Sakunda Ojha has an experience of 13 years in environmental impact assessment, initial environmental examination and due diligence study of various hydroelectric projects. He is responsible for collection, evaluation and presentation of the environmental issues in relation to physical and biological environmental domain, impact identification and evaluation and preparation of environmental monitoring plan required for EIA/IEE of hydropower projects. He is also involved in environmental aspects of feasibility study. He has ground knowledge of various software such as Geographical Information System (GIS) and Remote Sensing required hydrological analysis. He is an EIA review committee member at Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment (MoSTE), GoN.  Being a member of “Technical Work Group – Energy” (representing Independent Power Producers’ Association – IPPAN) for “Formulation of national low carbon economic development strategy”, AEPC, GoN he has also been involved in formulation of the national strategy. Mr, Ojha is associated with Sanima Hydropower Ltd. as General Manager.


Mr. Sudhir Giri (Head- Corporate Affairs)



  • EMBA, 2020, Kathmandu University School of Management, Lalitpur, Nepal
  • Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering, 2009, Malabiya National Institute of Technology, Jaipur, India

Electrical Engineering

Mr. Sudhir Giri has experience of 10 years in the field electrical engineering. He worked as a plant manager for Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Project (2.5 MW) for 4 years and was responsible for the overall management of the project. He was involved with Sanima Hydro and Engineering (P.) Ltd for design of electromechanical components, transmission line study and excess power to national grid, switchyard and substation of various projects such as  22 MW Mai Hydropower Project, 415 MW Upper Tamor, 75 MW Middle Tamor, 14.9 MW Hewa Khola and 7 MW Mai Cascade Hydropower Project. Currently, he is head of the corporate affairs department.


Mr. Sajan Shrestha, (Head-Engineering Department)



  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering, 2007, Institute of Engineering, Kathmandu, Nepal

Hydropower Development

Mr. Sajan Shrestha has an experience of 13 years in hydropower project design, study, planning, construction supervision and development. He has worked in the position of Senior Engineer (Civil) of Sanima Mai Hydropower Limited. During this period, he worked on quantity estimation, BoQ preparation, structural/stability analysis, drawing preparation, quality control of construction activities of various National and International projects. He has worked as a design team leader for Mai Hydropower Project (22 MW) and Mai Cascade Hydropower Project (7 MW). He has worked as the liaison for Mai HP and Mai Cascade HP Projects for site team and head office team. His responsibility during the project was coordinating the design team members in different engineering aspects such as detail engineering design, drawing preparation, checking, and quality control of documents to complete the work within anticipated time. He has also worked as site engineer in annual maintenance, staff quarter construction and GRP pipe replacement of Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Project (2.5MW). During his professional tenure, he was involved in detailed design, tender document preparation, due diligence study, verification of IPC bills, testing/commissioning report preparation and operation/maintenance manual preparation. He was also involved in Hydraulic design and drawing checking of various projects based in UK Hydroplan. Currently, he is associated with Sanima Hydro & Engineering Pvt. Ltd as Manager of Engineering Department.


Mr. Subash Thapa Magar (Head-Project Implementation Department)



  • Masters in Water Science and Engineering (2015-2017),specialization: Hydraulic Engineering and River Basin Development, IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, The Netherlands
  • Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Kathmandu Engineering College, 2010, Institute Of Engineering, Tribhuvan University

Hydraulic Engineering, Hydropower Design and Development

Mr. Subash Thapa Magar has 10 years of experience in design and construction supervision of hydropower projects in Nepal. During his professional tenure he has worked on design, quantity estimation, BoQ preparation, Auto-CAD Drawing preparation of various projects such as ( Mai, 22 MW; Mai Cascade, 7 MW; Upper Tamor ,415 MW; Middle Tamor, 75 MW and Topichi Hydropower Project ,1 MW Afghanistan, Junbesi Hydropower Project (5 MW). He has been part of multidisciplinary teams for Mai and Mai Cascade Hydropower Project where he worked as site engineer, QA/QC Incharge and project coordinator. His role and responsibility throughout the project was overall quality control and assurance, drawing control at site, critical decision making during construction phase, verification of bills and monitoring of compliance of the Contracts. He was also involved in technical contribution in social and environmental aspects, preparation of monthly progress report, communication management as the liaison between the contractor at site and at the head office, frequent in charge on behalf of Employer’s side in absence of Resident Engineer and overall management of coordination from the Consultant’s side. He worked as Acting Resident Engineer (ARE) for Hewa Khola “A” Hydroelectric Project (14.9 MW) and assisted the maintenance of Sunkoshi Small Hydropower Project, 2.5 MW replacement of 900 m GR  penstock pipe with steel pipe. He holds experience in tender evaluation and Testing and Commissioning of hydropower projects. Currently, he is associated with Sanima Hydro & Engineering Pvt. Ltd as Head of Project Implementation Department.


Mr. Aarakshya Kandel (Asst. Manager)



  • M. Sc Structural Engineering (2011-2012), University of Surrey, Guildford, United Kingdom
  • B.Eng (Hons) Civil Engineering (2007-2010), University of Greenwich, Medway, United Kingdom

Structural Engineering

Mr Aarakshya Kandel has an experience of 9 years in Hydropower sector. During his career, he was responsible for Structural analysis and design of civil structures like Intakes, Canals, Culverts, River training works, Powerhouses and various other structures for numerous projects nationally and internationally namely United Kingdom, Afghanistan, Liberia and Pakistan. He is responsible for supervising junior engineers and is also involved in preparation of design/structural reports and other various engineering related reports. He has a good knowledge in Structural analysis and design engineering software such as STAAD, Etabs, and MIDAS.



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