Detailed Engineering Design, Tender Document Preparation

Project Title: Namarjun Madi HP

  • Task: Feasibility study review optimization of capacity Preparation of tender documents and Detail Engineering Design

  • Capacity: 12 MW

  • Status: Completed

Salient features:as per Feasibility Study Report, 2008

Location: Namarjun and Sildujure VDC, Kaski District, Western Development Region of Nepal
Purpose of Project: Electricity generation to supply for domestic use by connecting to national grid
Catchment Area 371 km2
Highest point of the catchment 7937 m (Annapurna III)
Long-term annual average flow 33.51 m³/s
45% Exceedance flow 19.2 m³/s
65% Exceedance, Design flow 10.25 m³/s
90 % Exceedance flow 6.3 m³/s
Design Flood (Q100) 1024 m3/s
Design Discharge 23.75 m3/s
River Diversion During Construction:
Length About 460 m long along the river channel
Diversion flow 75 m3/s (1:20 years dry season flow)
Coffer dams One cofferdam with control channel
Diversion Weir:
Type Boulder lined with provision of secondary spillway
Downstream Slope 1:10 (Vertical: Horizontal)
Crest Elevation 1012 m above msl
Crest Length 44.0 m
Maximum height from foundation 7.0 m
Width 2.0 m
Length and slope 85 m, 1:40 (Vertical: Horizontal)
Invert Elevation in front of intake 1006.5 m above msl
Type Side Intake, Submerged orifice intake
Number of Orifices 5
Length of Orifices 3.0 m
Top Elevation of Orifice 1011.8 m above msl
Bottom Elevation of Orifice 1010.05 m above msl
Gravel Trap:
Type Conventional flushing, Single chamber
Top elevation 1014.25 m above msl
Average Height, m 6.80 m
Average Width, m 6.98 m
Spillway crest elevation, m amsl 1012.0 m amsl
Spillway length, m 18.0 m
Settling Basin:
Type Conventional flushing
Number of Chamber 2 (Two)
Top wall elevation 1012.5 m above msl
Normal Operation elevation 1011.5 m above msl
Parallel Length of the basin 110.0 m
Average Height 9.50 m
Average Width per Chamber 11.0 m
Headrace Culvert:
Type RCC Rectangular
Longitudinal slope 1:1500 (Vertical: Horizontal)
Length 1248.0 m
Internal Height 3.50 m
Internal Width 4.40 m
Area, m2 2450.0 m2
Height, m 3.90 m
Length 144.0 m
Diameter/thickness, m/mm 2.90 m dia, 10mm to 18 mm thickness
Power Facilities:
Powerhouse Type Semi-surface
Gross Head from Forebay 60.40 m (1009.4 – 949.0 m above msl)
Net Head 58.42 m
Installed capacity, MW 12.0 MW (2×6.0 MW)
Dimensions, m Length x m Width 30.0 m x 22.0 m
Gross annual Energy, GWh 69.73 GWh
Net annual Energy, GWh 66.40 GWh
Dry season (Poush-Chaitra), GWh 10.37 GWh
Wet season (Baisakh-Mangsir), GWh 56.03 GWh
Tailrace Culvert:
Type RCC Rectangular
Length 85.0 m
Height 4.0 m
Bottom width, m 6.10 m
Longitudinal slope 1:500 (Vertical: Horizontal)
Transmission Facilities:
Transmission line length 18 km
Voltage level 132 kV, single circuit
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